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SBI e-learning Gyanodaya portal

As the name suggests, the Gyanodaya portal spreads the banking and banking machinery-related information amongst the masses. Creating awareness among the masses and training all the employees to work to the best of their abilities is the foremost responsibility of management personnel of any organization.

Gyanodaya portal is a new e-learning portal of SBI. This portal is designed with the specific aim of updating the understanding of the employees regarding the banking sector. This portal helps to provide timely and trusted to its employees in the best possible way at the correct time. To use all the services at the portal, you first need to log into the portal.

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Login Process at SBI Gyanodayae-Learning Portal: -

1.       To log into the SBI Portal, use the registered username and password provided by the bank. If you haven’t got the username and password, you can ask the HR of your bank to provide one to you.

2.       Now visit the official link of the portal i.e.

3.       Search for the option ‘SBI e-learning’ option on the screen and click on it.

4.       Next, enter your username and password.

5.       You will now get access to all the services of the e-learning platform.

6.       Select the course of your choice and complete it in the specified time.

Note: After completing the course, you will get an SBI e-learning Gyanodaya certificate.

Certification courses at SBI Gyanodaya portal: -

The policies for promotion and services keep on updating at SBI. Changing times require suitable and apt methods for promotion. Earlier, certification was required for the promotion, but it was not mandatory. But now, the certification courses have become a must for the promotion. If not more, at least one certification in the field of their choice is necessary for each employee of the bank.

Let us discuss the types of certificates depending on the position of the employee in the bank: -

1.  Certification for Award Staff: -

The first question that comes to mind is what is Award staff? Well, award staff is a group of those employees who are associated with one or the other kind of field work or those who work at the counters. So, these staff members need to apply for those certificates, workshops, and seminars that match their work profile. These courses cannot be done online. They need the physical presence for sure.

2.       Certification for Officers: -

There are five categories of officers at SBI. These are graded numerically from 1 to 5. These employees need a higher and advanced level of training to meet all of their needs at the office. For these eemployersees, an online application is a must. After application, you get enrolled for the course. At the end of the course, you will need to give an exam. Only after clearing the exam, one can get a certificate.  The training at this level helps the officers in grabbing a better understanding of the role they need to play during all the proceedings of the bank.

Benefits of registering at the Gyanodaya Portal: -

1.       Gyanodaya portal is an initiative that needs appreciation. As SBI is making it mandatory to have some specified certificates for the promotion, at the same time, it is providing proper training for clearing the same certificate examinations. By registering at the portal, one gets proper training and course material.

2.       It helps to break the monotony of the job. Continuous stress of Job sometimes demotivates the employee. Doing these certificate courses, give them some refreshing time. They can take off some time from the job because of these certification programs.

3.       One can get various certifications under one roof.

4.       The portal updates one about the new changes taking in the banking sector in general, lly in SBI.

I hope, everything about the SBI Gyanodaya portal is clear to you now. Please do write to us in the chatbox in case of any doubt.