Check your SBI Bank Balance Online, via SMS, Missed call, ATM and App

How to Check your SBI Bank Balance Online, Through SMS, missed call, ATM and YONO Mobile App ....

SBI Bank Balance check number 

SBI is a pioneer in providing world-class banking services. It has adopted all the possible ways to woo its customer. SBI provides its services in a very structured form. If one wants to check the SBI bank online, one can do so by using various ways. I am discussing some of them in this article.

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Through SMS Check your SBI Bank Balance –

The easiest of all the ways is checking the balance through SMS. One can receive the mini-statement through SMS. To check the balance, one has to type “BAL” in the message box and send it on 09223766666.

For getting the mini–statement of the SBI Bank Account, type “MSTMT” in the message box and send it on 09223866666.

To register oneself for the SMS service, one needs to type “REG <Account Number> and send it to 09223488888.

Through Missed Call Check your SBI Bank Balance –

Call on the number – 09223766666 and you will be able to know your SBI account balance instantly.

Through Toll-Free Number –

There is a dedicated-toll number of SBI if you want to check the balance. The toll-free SBI number for the balance check is 09223866666.

Through ATM Check your SBI Bank Balance : -

At the time of account opening, SBI bank gives ATM-cum-debit cards to all its customer. One can use this to check balances online. 

Take your ATM card to the nearest ATM and swipe it there. Enter your secret PIN and select the option ‘Balance Enquiry’. This will show your balance on the screen. If you wish, you can take print also.

If you want to see your mini-statement that contains 3 to 5 transactions that you did in the last few days. The last 10 transactions will be there in the Mini statement. 

The interesting thing about it is that you can visit any ATM of any Bank to check your Balance online.  

Through Net Banking Check your SBI Bank Balance 

For checking the balance through Net Banking, you first need to register yourself with the bank for availing of the Net Banking facility.

Once registered for the service, you will get a net banking user ID and password for the same. Use it to check your balance online.

Through SBI Mobile Banking App: -

Thereis a range of mobile Apps to check the SBI Balance online. There are three main Apps of SBI –

1.       SBI Yono

2.       SBI Online

3.       SBAnywherere – Saral

1.       SBI Yono using Check your SBI Bank Balance

This App is available on the Play Store and can be downloaded easily on any Android or iOS device.

You will need to register yourself on the App. Once registered, you can use your mobile banking credentials to check the balance online.

2.       SBI Online Using Check your SBI Bank Balance –

This is one of the popular Apps of SBI. This can also be downloaded on any device of your choice. All the SBI account holders can use this App and enjoy the endless services provided by the Bank online. This App shares a similar interface as that of the SBI website. You just need the net banking credentials to access information through this App.  

3.       SBI Anywhere Saral –

You just need to register on it for once. After that, you will require just a PIN to access all the services and retrieve the balance.

Through SBI Passbook –

SBI Bank provides a passbook to all its customers, irrespective of the type of account they have. This passbook can be used to check the balance. Just take it to the nearest branch, or a passbook printing kiosk to print your passbook. This will also print all the transactions you have made so far. This method is outdated, but it is still used by some non-internet-friendly people.

Through USSD –

Dial *595#. When you do that, you will be asked to provide the User ID. Once you do that, you will get a response “Welcome to State Bank Mobile Application”.  You will get various options after that to choose from. Just choose the option ‘1’, it is for inquiry or balance check. Choose the correct options after that and select ‘Send’.

To register for the USSD, type <MBSREG>in the message box and send it to 9223440000.


Are there multiple balance checking options in SBI?

Ans. Yes

What is the inquiry number for the SBI Balance check?

Ans. One can call on the Toll-free number 09223766666. There are SBI customer care numbers also i.e. 1800112211 and 18004253800. You can use all three of these numbers to check your balance.

How to check the SBI account balance with the help of SMS?

Ans. Send message “BAL” on 09223766666.

If one has multiple accounts in the Bank, does one gets the balance of all the accounts by sending a single SMS?

Ans. No. Only, the account number registered with the service will be updated for the balance.

Is SBI quick service available for all types of bank accounts?

Ans. No, it is available only for some specific accounts.