SBI YONO App : Accepts UPI Payments From Non-SBI Account Holders

YONO SBI is a mobile banking app offered by the State Bank of India (SBI). It provides a wide range of financial services and banking facilities to SBI customers. The app is designed to offer a seamless and convenient banking experience through your mobile device.

SBI YONO App Now Accepts UPI Payments From Non - SBI Account Holders

YONO SBI ( You Only Need One - State Bank of India ) is a mobile banking app offered by the State Bank of India (SBI).

SBI has taken a great step forward to extend its reach in the digital banking application. Now, the YONO SBI App can be used to make UPI payments for non-SBI account holders. 

All non-SBI bank customers can access the features of scan and pay of the YONO SBI App.

It has posed a direct threat to the popular UPI Apps like Google Pay, PayTM, Phone Pay, etc.  Let us discuss in detail, how you can use this feature of the YONO SBI for your benefit – 


·  Download the YONOSBI mobile banking app from the Google Play store or iPhone App Store.

·         Open the App and click on the option New to SBI.
·         Click on the Register Now option for the Non–SBI members.
·         Tap on Register to make UPI payments option.
·         Enter the phone number already registered with your bank account.
·         Type the code sent on your smartphone on the screen.
·         After verification, select the bank with which you want to create a UPI ID.
·         You will get a message stating that the registration for SBI Pay has started.
·         Now, you will be able to see your bank account number on the screen.

·         Create an SBI UPI handle. You can select from the three UPI ID suggestions given on the screen. If you are generating a new one, please check the availability of the same by clicking on the ‘Check Availability’ tab.

·         If all goes well, you will get a message ‘You have successfully created an SBI UPI Handle’. The name of the handle that you created will be visible on the screen. 

·         Set an MPIN (needed to make payments). It is usually a number that needs to be entered to authenticate the payment. You have to remember this number always to make the payment. This is usually a six-digit number.

·         Re-enter the MPIN to confirm.

·         Now, you can start to use the Yono App to make the payment. 

1. 1. With the YONO SBI App, what payment features can be used? 

      With the YONO SBI App, you can pay through the UPI. You can scan the QR Code. Send or transfer money. Request others to send money. Check the balance or see the history of payments made.  

3  2. Can non-SBI customers use the card less cash withdrawal facility at SBI ATMs?

    Yes, with SBI interoperable Cardless Cash Withdrawal facility non-SBI Customers use the cardless cash withdrawal facility at SBI ATMs.

3.  3. Can non-SBI members use the SBI Yono App? 

    Yes, now the non–SBI members can also use the YONO SBI App for the UPI payments. The upgraded version of the YONO has made it possible.      

    4. Is the SBI YONO App used in the same way as Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.?

    Yes, the upgraded version of the YONO SBI has made it possible to make payments like Google Pay, Phone Pay, PayTM, etc.

5. 5. Has the SBI acquired new customers by this new upgrade? 

   Yes, the SBI has acquired around 78 lakh new savings account customers after this upgrade.