How to check Your SBI balance through SMS, easy steps!

Check your SBI Bank balance through SMS now check its possible...

Check your SBI balance through SMS?

SBI, one of the largest banks in India, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best services to its customer. Now and then, we need to check our bank balances to plan our finances. Through net banking and online Apps, we can easily know our balance. 

But sometimes, it happens that due to low internet coverage in the area or any other reason, we just don’t want to use the App or online portal. In such a case, one can know the Balance through SMS also.         

Check your SBI Bank balance through SMS

SBI SMS Banking services

               SBI provides its customer with the facility of SMS banking service. Through this, one can get the mini-statements and know the account balance in just a few seconds. The prerequisite for using this service is that the registered mobile number must be handy.

Process of registration for the SBI SMS Banking Service 

If you have not registered yourself for the SMS banking facility, register yourself in the following way –

1. First register your mobile number with the bank.

2. Now, send an SMS ‘REG Account Number’ to the number 09223488888 from the registered mobile number (RMN).

3. You will now receive a message as ‘Successful’ or ‘unsuccessful’. If the message says successful, then you are ready to avail of SBI SMS Banking Services.

You can avail of many services through SBI SMS Banking Service. Some common services and the ways to use them is as follows –

Balance Check Through SBI SMS Banking 

There are two ways in which you can check the balance through SMS –

Via Toll-Free Number 

Give a missed call on the toll-free number 9223766666.  Instantly, after the missed call, you will receive the SMS back. The SMS will contain the balance details of your account.

 By sending SMS 

               (a) To check just the balance of the account – For this, just send an SMS ‘BAL’ on the number 9223766666.

               (b) To check the mini-statement – In case, you want to see the mini–statement of your account, you have sent the SMS ‘MSTMT’ to the number 9223866666. Remember, the mini-statement will contain a record of only the last 5 transactions and not more than that.

Check book request through SBI SMS Banking 

One can even request a check book through SBI SMS banking. The process to do so is as follows –

1. Send SMS ‘CHQREQ’ on the number 09223588888.

2. You will then receive an SMS on your RNM. This SMS asks for your consent.

3. Now send the consent SMS as ‘CHQACCY <6 digit number>’. The 6-digit number will be there in the SMS. Just use that.

4. Again, you will receive a new SMS within two hours for the further processing of the request.

E-statement request through SBI SMS Banking 

If you wish to receive an e-statement for the last six months, you can do so by SMS. Just send an SMS ‘ESTMT’ on the number 09223588888. 

You will receive a code via SMS. Use this to open the PDF attachment received on your registered     mail ID.